One thought on “Updated recital information

  1. Christopher….imagine my excitement when I saw that you were going to do a recital tomorrow…
    We have so many things in common. I attended University of Alabama, first in communications, then music (voice & performance). I was in the University Singers and when we traveled, I was the go to “pitch” person. I was a member under the direction of Herff Applewhite (Heaven’s Gate). My plan was to be the best thing that ever hit Broadway….
    W-E-L-L…… I never made it past summer stock in Boone, NC. I succumbed to the power of retail for 45 years….
    I have sung @ First United Methodist church in Talladega as well as the High School in Talladega… a friend of mine,
    Blun Bell, was the director of the choir and band at school and then organist/director at FUMC.
    I sang for almost a year in the choir at Independent Presbyterian Church under the direction of Joseph Schreiber.
    Baritone Soloist at First Baptist, Huntsville (Choir sometimes directed by Robert Shaw) (He is the reason I was in
    summer stock…)….
    I was at BAMA during the Joe Namath/Bear Bryant era…. So I am a football NUTTT….in addition to all but worshiping the organ.
    I hope we can at least chat after your performance tomorrow….Would you consider lunch with an old fart like me?
    The very best to you with your endeavors tomorrow.
    And of Course my salutation will be: ROLL TIDE!

    David Chappelle


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